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Easily control room lighting with Dual Shades that offer alternating stripes of translucent and light-filtering materials all in one simple system. As one of the most versatile of all custom window shades, Dual Shades uses continuous banded fabric loops around a roller system that allow you to block light or let the sun shine through. By alternating the stripes or aligning them up you can in a matter of seconds change the mood in a room.

Why Dual Shades?

With aligned, solid stripes you gain instant privacy. While alternate sheer stripes allow natural light in. You get the best of both worlds.

But, best of all is its easy operation and alignment due to a fully enclosed bottomrail that lets any fabric easily slide through smoothly. You can mix match translucent and room-darkening fabrics with a sheer or mesh fabric with varying degrees of openness and styles.

Fabrics and Colors

All of our shades have a wide range of fabrics, textures and colors to choose from. However, Dual Shades let you take design to the next level with two choices of colors and band sizes. You can make any room pop with a variety of colors as well as match any window size.

Our collection of fabrics including plain, sheer, printed and jacquard among others along with our indoor and outdoor systems offer any type of privacy and visibility.

Control Options

Dual Shades have two types of control systems: continuous cord loop and motorization. The cord loop system is manual and built for simplicity. A continuous cord loop remains the same length while a cord tensioner secures dangling cords.

The more premium option is motorization. With the touch of a button you can operate the battery-powered shades. This option is recommended for hard-to-reach windows and enhanced child safety. 

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