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Buy direct from our mattress factory in Hialeah and save over 50% and get the best quality bedroom furniture and mattresses.

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Buying a mattress from SuperiorHD means you get:

  • Luxury quality
  • Commercial materials
  • Best sleep technology
  • Best in the industry warranty
  • Factory-direct pricing

Comparison with Original Mattress Factory:

Product: SHD Classic Mattress

Size: Queen

Price: $495 flat fee

Support System: Wrapped Pocket Coils

Mattress Height: Luxury 12"

Mattress Quality: Commercial-Grade

Warranty: 5 year limited

Product: OMF Classic Mattress

Size: Queen

Prices: $559 + tax & delivery

Support Material: Exposed Wire Springs

Mattress Height: Standard 8"

Mattress Quality: Consumer-Grade

Warranty: 1 year limited

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Last Updated:
September 7, 2022